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At-A-Glance Wedding Planner Checklist

Jul 6, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

So you two are getting married? Why not do everything you can to make it a wedding to remember? Here are the items you will want to consider carefully while formulating your wedding plans:

Secular or Non-secular?

Decide whether you want a simple civil ceremony or a church-affiliated wedding.

This should be a straightforward decision, but if you run into a snag on this point, don’t worry; you can work it out. It’ll just be the first of many compromises!

If you want a church wedding, make an appointment to talk to the church representative that handles such things and go from there.


Weddings cost money. It’s one of a handful of life-changing events, and an investment to make it everything you ever wanted it to be is appropriate.

Talk it over. Come up with a dollar figure and start gathering estimates. Once you two have decided how much you want to spend, however, don’t go over that amount. This is the first big investment you’ll make, and you want it to be a pleasant one.

Get Informed

Make your list of “must-haves,” such as wedding gown, invitations, flowers, rings and reception. Then call for estimates on each of those items.

If your estimates total less than your wedding budget, you can go on to items on your second-tier list, your “wanna-haves.” This list would include such items as a hairdresser, a photographer, a stag night, a hen party and professional music, both for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

The Moment You’ve Waited For

Did you forget the honeymoon? Not likely!

You may look at the costs you’ve racked up on paper so far and despair, thinking you’ll only have money left over for a night at the bowling alley! If that’s the case, go back over all your lists and prune. Or give yourselves more time to save the money you’ll need to create your perfect experience. The honeymoon, after all, is the consummation of the marriage. Make it a time to remember forever.

Bon voyage!

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